Get Clean Computer & TV Screens With Screen Mom

Get Clean Computer & TV Screens With Screen Mom

Get Clean Computer & TV Screens With Screen Mom

Screen Mom has announced its LCD and computer screen cleaner. The product offers safe, streak-free cleaning solutions for customers countrywide and has received over 2,000 five star reviews.

November 02, 2018 ( – Screen Mom Screen Cleaner for LED, LCD and flatscreen TVs, laptops and computers has announced that it has received its 2,000th five star review. The product is getting praise for its high quality, helping customers to maintain clear visibility in their home and workspace.

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The site explains that the Screen Mom cleaning products are ideal for anyone who has been struggling with dirty screens. They are able to provide a like-new screen in as little as 30 seconds.

Four cleaning products are available on the Screen Mom site, including a 2oz multi-pack screen cleaner kit, a 16 oz screen cleaner kit, and a screen mom home and away bundle along with premium microfiber cloths.

Screen Mom has quickly become a household favorite of families around the country, and dramatically changed the way that schools, libraries, offices, and hospitals clean the screens of their electronic devices.

One of the things that defines the Screen Mom cleaning products is that they clean the screen quickly and effectively without leaving streaks or marks. In addition to this, the screen stays cleaner for longer.

The company is also known for its high quality customer service. Screen Mom’s co-founder, Amanda, personally reaches out to customers for feedback and the team always takes feedback to ensure the product can be continually improved.

Screen Mom was born when Amanda found that she couldn’t get hold of a product that was safe without leaving a chemical odor that could clean screens without leaving streaks and marks.

Cleaning sprays from Screen Mom offer a range of benefits for customers. For example, regular cleaning of the computer and its screen can help to extend the lifespan of the device.

It also helps to promote a healthy working and living environment, protecting both the customers’ health and helping them to save money in the long run.

A recent customer said: “Fantastic cleaner. Already used it on all of my devices and not a spot on any. Took all the stuck on dust and fingerprints off with minimal effort.”

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Screen Mom was born on a rainy cold day in Ohio when Amanda (aka Screen Mom), mom of 5 kids, was overwhelmed by the task of cleaning all of the sticky smudges on the family’s TVs and tablets. The frustration for Amanda was that she could not find a product that was safe without a nasty chemical odor that could clean the screens without streaking. After a couple of years of frustrating cleaning, she set out with her husband (an Engineer) and the help of others to find a solution to this problem. Screen Mom was born!


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