Hands of Health Bodywork Massage Announces Massage Specials for Athletes

Hands of Health Bodywork Massage Announces Massage Specials for Athletes

Athletes and active people now have a solution from Hands of Health Bodywork Massage, to heal any injuries quickly and perform at their best.

June 03, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – Hands of Health Bodywork Massage has created a series of massages for athletes to help them perform at their best and heal any injuries quickly. Details about the program can be found on the company website at Fast-Healing-Solution “It seems like such a simple thing. Clients who are athletes say they eat carefully, but don’t have a strategic plan to use massage to keep them at their peak” owner Cade Holmseth said.

Cade Holmseth is an athlete himself and regularly performs as an aerialist. “An athlete is far more than a game-player,” he said. “An athlete fine-tunes their body and treats it with respect. This means providing the right fuel or food, but also means making sure the muscles have the level of oxygenation to speed the healing process after a strenuous workout or performance.”

Hands of Health Bodywork strives to be a partner in the success of Minneapolis and St. Paul athletes. Research has shown that a healthy body requires a series of steps, when taken together, that make the difference between winning and losing, completing a marathon, or being active for a lifetime.

The Athletes Personalized Massage Solution is tailored for each athlete, depending on their needs and performance schedule. The three-part special consists of the pre-activity Tone Up which prepares the body for exertion, the Post Event Massage to speed healing in exhausted muscles, and the Recovery Massage to ensure joints and muscles are lengthened and stretching properly. It takes extensive training for a massage therapist to understand when and how to use the different types of massage. Other studies show that a regular massage can prevent injuries, help the body heal faster, and improve performance for athletes and other active people.

Cade Holmseth, President of Hands of Health Bodywork, was pleased about helping athletes stay healthy and strong, saying “Hands of Health Bodywork is committed to providing the best customer service with particular effort on achieving great health for clients through natural methods.”

Persons interested in learning more about Hands of Health Bodywork Massage and the Athletes Personalized Massage Solution can visit the website at hohbodywork.com

Since 2008, HOH Bodywork has been a premier provider of Luxury Massage and Sports Massage services in St. Paul and Minneapolis. With their 5-Star Reputation, athletes can count on them to provide the best in qualified therapy solutions and professional advice. Today, licensed and award-winning Hands of Health Bodywork Massage is a truly comprehensive massage therapy company.

Mr. Holmseth mentioned, “We are growing rapidly and are focused on helping our clients relieve the aches and pains of an active lifestyle. The Athletes Personalized Massage Solution on our website and Facebook pages is one of the ways we celebrate our clients and a successful 8 years in business as we continue our growth.”


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