Nancy Behrman Announces Interview by

Nancy Behrman Announces Interview by

May 13, 2016 ( – Nancy Behrman recently sat down with Marlon Kobacker for an interview on Marlon enjoyed the process and respects Nancy Behrman for her focus on renewable energy and her sustainability focus.

Nancy Behrman isn’t your average public relations (PR) professional. She doesn’t do it for the money, she doesn’t do it for the fame. She does it because it’s in her DNA. For the past 30 years, she has lived for the rush of seeing her clients evolve and reach new heights of success.

With her bold, creative approach to PR in mind, Kobacker asked a few pointed questions of Behrman PR owner Nancy Behrman.

Kobacker: For Behrman Communications, what is your role?

Behrman: I get the ship pointed in the right direction and let my amazing team hoist the sails. Each member is so hardworking and passionate about what they do, and it is a true pleasure to watch them grow and succeed.

Kobacker: Behrman PR is now multi-national, correct?

Behrman: We have worked with clients on campaigns around the world. Obviously we are based in New York City, and we value the privacy that our clients expect so I can’t give specifics, but our clients are known and seen worldwide.

Kobacker: Last question, what is your greatest challenge as the owner and founder of Behrman Communications?

Behrman: PR can be tricky. There are a lot of moving parts to get a surround sound campaign off the ground and build a brand from its infancy stages. One of my biggest challenges throughout the years has been trying to achieve a work-life balance. In recent years, I have begun to make a concentrated effort to spend more time on myself, which in the end has also improved my work ethic. Cultivating that fine balance is challenging but incredibly important, and something that I want more and more for myself and for my team.

With this snippet of an interview you can get a feeling for the kind of woman Nancy Behrman is and the kind of work you can expect as one of her clients.

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